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A clean, adequate supply of water and properly treated wastewater... 

Cleveland Wastewater Treatment Plant
Cleveland, Tennessee

Our approach to providing engineering services is simple: meet the needs of our clients.  At J. R. Wauford & Company, we recognize that professional services are what we offer.  Only by working with our clients can they be adequately served - after all, the client owns the system.  Although any engineer has an obligation to provide the best technical advice possible, we also work hard at listening... and we hear you.

Time and again our clients want, demand and deserve engineering solutions and facilities which are cost effective, energy efficient and easily operated and maintained.  Above all, solutions and facilities must get the job done.  In short, facilities must work as intended and not bankrupt the client in the process.

Pure service encompasses everything we do on your behalf.  It means being timely in our response, properly identifying and understanding your real needs and problems, devising cost effective designs, exercising rigid quality control procedures in design, thorough monitoring of contractor performance, seeing the job through to completion, instructing your operators during start-up, and generally doing whatever it takes to serve and protect your interests.

J. R. Wauford & Company, Consulting Engineers, Inc. is an environmental consulting firm with nine registered professional engineers and twelve total graduate engineers.  We concentrate on the interrelated environmental disciplines of municipal water and wastewater, industrial waste, environmental permitting and solid waste.  The firm has been providing services to the municipal water and wastewater market since 1958.

J. R. Wauford & Company, Consulting Engineers, Inc. is owned and managed by stockholders, who are also engineers employed by the company.  We have three offices located one in each of the three grand divisions of Tennessee.

J. R. Wauford & Company's greatest asset is its staff.  Our professionals have high levels of education and experience.  Our key design engineers have advanced degrees in environmental engineering.


Help the client identify priority projects which meet today's needs and provide for the future

Design realistic and affordable projects on time and within budget

Incorporate quality into our work through careful client and internal review and control of each step of the engineering process

Make facilities as maintenance free and as easy to operate as possible

Provide follow-up by answering questions and delivering assistance after the project is completed

Give clients guidance relative to federal and state regulations



In-house computer modeling of NPDES permits

Flow monitoring of new sewers

Over and Under Baffles for flocculation of water without mechanical equipment

Innovative management of storm-related flow through the use of 1) flow equalization tanks, 2) inflow holding basins, 3) the sequencing batch reactor process

Design of most major sewage pumping stations utilizing small pumps for normal wastewater and a large variable capacity pump for storm related flows

Application of the latest technology for water and sewage treatment in an understandable, user-friendly manner




J. R. Wauford & Company, Consulting Engineers, Inc. provides environmental engineering planning, consulting, design and construction contract administration services related to all phases of water and wastewater systems. 


This includes:



The Maryville Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant includes a new headworks, two new biological nutrient removal/oxidation ditch reactors that do not utilize any added chemicals in the removal of nitrogen and phosphorus and two new final clarifiers, while incorporating three existing final clarifiers, for state-of-the-art wastewater treatment; along with “green” autothermal thermophilic aerobic digestion (ATAD) reactors and a windrow method composting facility to convert biosolids into a totally reusable soil-like product.



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· Master Plans for Water & Sewer Systems

· Rate Analyses

· Operation & Maintenance Manuals for Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities

· Water Supply Development, Water Treatment Plants, Storage Facilities, and Distribution Systems

· Computer Modeling of Water Distribution Systems

· Sewage Collection Systems and Wastewater Treatment Facilities

· Sewer System Rehabilitation


· Design of Financing Packages, including Grants, Loans, Bonds, and Local Resources

· Negotiation of Permits with State and Federal Regulators

· Sludge Management Programs and Assistance with Permitting of Sludge Disposal Sites

· Design and Management of Industrial Pretreatment Programs

· Design and Assistance with Permitting of Sanitary Landfills

· Industrial Site Planning and Design